Should I uninstall old software that I no longer use?

Do you have lots of software on your PC that you no longer use? Over the lifetime of your computer, you will often install new software on a regular basis. This may be testing out the latest video game or downloading a video player to play a certain file type. Over time your computer can become swamped with dozens of software programs that you no longer need or use. This can be a perfect time to consider removing this old software from your system. But are there any benefits of deleting old software? Today we will explore the advantages or removing old software programs from your computer.


Top 5 advantages of uninstalling old software off your PC:


1)     Clear up disk space – Every time you install a new piece of software on your computer, you create hundreds or thousands of files and clusters of data. Not only does this reduce the amount of space you have for future files, folders and software but also means your computer takes longer to check all of this information when searching or running processes. Removing these unnecessary software files from your hard drive to free up some space.


2)     Tidy up icons and program list – Improve your productivity by removing old software shortcuts and menu icons. By uninstalling old programs you will find it easier to locate the programs and shortcuts that you actually wish to use.


3)     Improve system performance – Software programs are often running in the background of your computer, even if you’re not currently using them. If you have installed a feature rich program years ago but no longer use this, its processes could still be using up your resources. Developers often create processes that run in the background such as checking for updates. You can view these by opening your Windows Task manager (hold Ctr l + Alt + Delete keys together). By removing old software you can speed up your system by removing unwanted software processes.


4)     Speed up loading times – When you boot up Windows, the Operating System will often begin to automatically launch program processes in the background which means your computer takes longer to load. By removing old software you can also benefit from faster boot times.


5)     Less compatibility issues – Old software can cause compatibility issues with your current files and software. For example an when opening a web link from a document you may be asked if you wish to open the link with multiple browsers if no default has been set or opening an image file may prompt choices of several different image programs, most that you no longer use. By removing this old software you can ensure only the correct preferred programs are used with your files and picture.


We hope that this article has helped explain the benefits of removing old out-dated software from your PC. By uninstalling old programs you should find your computer becomes faster and more efficient while providing you with more internal storage space for your files and media.

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One comment on “Should I uninstall old software that I no longer use?
  1. Joe says:

    It’s never a bad idea to uninstall software that you NEVER use. Always try to avoid installing software if at all possible. Especially toolbars that like to piggy back while other software installs.

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