What is a Wi-Fi booster extender, and why would I need one?

We’ve all done it: walked around the house with our laptops open, trying to connect to the internet. It can be extremely frustrating, especially when you pay forty dollars or more every month just to have access to the internet. The problem is, your Wi-Fi just does not reach to the farthest corners of your house.


You certainly don’t want to pay for a second router; you pay enough for the one as it is. So what do you do? How do you get your wireless signal to reach where you want it to reach? The answer is actually quite simple. You get a Wi-Fi booster, or a Wi-Fi extender.


Just what is a Wi-Fi booster? And what does it do? A Wi-Fi booster does exactly what its name implies: it boosts your wireless signal so it will reach farther, which means that you will have access at a greater distance from you router. To the second question, the answer is more involved.


Basically, the booster connects to your wireless router’s antenna and helps the signal to be both received more strongly, and sent out more strongly, which means that it works as a two-way receiver. It works similar to boosting your radio signal by giving it a stronger antenna. Attaching a Wi-Fi booster to your router will help the signal reach your whole house better.


A Wi-Fi extender is also a good idea if you need to make your wireless signal stronger. An extender is also known as a repeater. The repeater can make your signal stronger because it takes the signal being given out by the router, and then repeats it to the rest of the house, working much like a second router.


For example, it works like a cut off position in baseball. In Baseball, when the out-fielder is too far away to be able to throw the ball to the infield, another fielder will move between the two of them, catch the ball, and then throw it again to the infield. This way the ball makes it all the way in. A wireless extender works in the same way. It takes the signal that is being given off by the router, “catches” it, and then re-sends it to the areas of the house that are two far away for the original signal to reach.


There are other ways to boost your wireless signal as well, such as adding another router, updating your existing antenna, or just moving your router to a more centralized location. All of these are workable options, but adding a second router will be more expensive, and upgrading the antenna or moving the existing router may not give you exactly the results you desire. Buying a booster or an extender, however, gives you a much better chance of giving your signal the strength it needs, preventing you from wandering the house trying to find it.

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