The Advantages of Owning a Tablet Computer VS. a Laptop PC.

Technology has come a long way in a very short amount of time. Since the invention of cell phones and laptop computers, manufacturers have been trying to find a way to blend the two technologies. Perhaps the most highly debated product of this union of technologies is the tablet.

Many users do not see the point of owning a tablet if they already have a laptop, though there are a few advantages that tablets hold over laptops. For one, despite how portable laptops are, tablets certainly have them beat. It’s far easier to grab a tablet off your desk and carry it to a meeting with you than it is to grab your laptop. Additionally, tablets take up less space, whereas laptops tend to require a surface to set them on when in use and somewhere to set your laptop case when not in use.

Some people may argue that if they wanted a more portable device with a smaller screen, they could use a smart phone and skip the tablet all together. But the fact is that tablets have many more capabilities than smart phones, and the larger, higher quality screens often provide just the right in between.

Picture this: if you were a businessman on a long public commute to work and were wanting to read digital copies of your favorite newspapers, which would you rather do? Squint at your smart phone, or juggle your laptop and briefcase along with your morning coffee? That is a scenario where a tablet would be the perfect solution.

Another excellent advantage that tablets hold over laptops is their battery life, with higher-end tablets offering upwards of 8 hours of full use time, and a standby time that can last for days. Compare that to the 2-3 hours of on time from the standard laptop after the first month of use, and that’s a definite plus in the tablets’ column.

Tablets also tend to have more applications available to them than the average smart phone, making them almost as versatile as a laptop, especially with the growing popularity of business-based aps. Of course, there’s no replacing a laptop when there are tasks with large amounts of typing to be done.

However, for standard transmission of email, social networking, video calls, reading, video watching, on-the-go web surfing, and virtually unlimited data storage and access through cloud storage, tablets can certainly earn their own place in your business or personal technology arsenal.

One feature that makes tablets a nice choice is the fact that they turn on instantly. No waiting on an operating system to load to access the programs or data that you need; it’s all instantly at your fingertips with the press of the power button. Of course, for multi-tasking or projects needing more than one program at a time, laptops are still more efficient, with all of the programs accessible at the same time.

So can a tablet replace your laptop? Probably not unless you use it strictly for entertainment purposes, but it can help you utilize the same kinds of technology with greater ease, less bulk, and a lower price tag.

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