Will Microsoft Windows 7 Make A Temporary Comeback Yes Or No?

With all the bad hype and constant complaints of Windows 8, it is no wonder that some vendors are getting smart and beginning to offer Windows again as an alternative. Thewindows8-sucks truth is Windows 7 is a rock solid stable operating system with all the security of Windows 8. It has a familiar and comfortable user interface that is liked by almost all Windows users. As you know, Microsoft decided to make an operating system that would run on both touch screen and conventional computers.

The problem is that all those apps that load ever time you boot into Windows is consuming valuable resources and slowing down the Windows experience. In our tests, we took a laptop computer that was preloaded with Windows 8 from the factory. The PC was manufactured by Gateway. The computer was slow and sluggish compared to other systems running on either XP or Windows 7.

We tested the system for several weeks following all the known rules for speeding up a PC. Nothing seemed to get rid of that lag in the system. We then reformatted the system and put in Windows 7. The difference was like night and day. The computer was snappy, loaded web pages much easier and the user interface was that we all love was back. It was not the computer that was slow it was Windows 8.

Many users are still using Windows XP; in fact almost 30% of you still have this great operating system. Microsoft will stop issuing updates to the OS in April but it does not mean that it will not work anymore. It definitely will and you can prolong using it as long as you keep your firewall and antivirus all up to date. The truth is, that if manufacturers start to offer Windows 7 again, you might want to jump on that bandwagon.

I have already received e-mails from HP that they are again offering Windows 7 by popular demand. People are throwing away Windows 8 left and right to get Windows 7. I think that more vendors will follow suit since that is what the demand is for. Even doing a search on Tiger Direct will bring up several Windows 7 machines right on the front page. I also did a search at Best Buy and if you do a Windows 7 search, you will find a good assortment of offerings.

I also did a search at h.h.Gregg and I found no offerings for Windows 7 at all.  I could not find an easy way to search for a Windows 7 machine on their site. When I typed in Windows 7 on the search, I got portable air conditioners as the search result.

We tried a search at sears.com and low and behold I found a nice assortment of windows 7 computers. Some were new while others were refurbished. Remember that refurbished systems are just like new. They are set up to factory standards just like a new PC with substantial savings. This site has a bountiful number of offerings in the Windows 7 category.

If you want  7 and the retailer you are at does not stock it or tries to tell you why Windows 8 is so much better, leave and go elsewhere. Remember, they are on probably on commission and they will say anything to get that sale.

Since Microsoft will not listen to what their customers want, at least the retailers should and they are finally hearing your voice. Hopefully we will start to see more Windows 7 machines at retail stores as well as online in the very near future. If your retailer does not carry 7, ask for it. Tell them if they want top sell more PC’s it is in their best interest to offer it. As a consumer, you have the right to purchase what you want, not what corporate America tells you should want.



Update January 28, 2014

Microsoft is now working on a new operating system called Windows 9. Microsoft has finally acknowledged that Windows 8 is hated by almost everybody. Windows has an interesting history of successes and failures in its portfolio. For example Windows 95 was a success, Windows 98 was a huge success, Windows millennium was a complete flop, XP topped the charts as being the best operating system they ever devised and it still is, Vista was a complete failure.

Windows 7 was just starting to be the new XP until Microsoft started pushing Windows 8 on everybody. As you can imagine, it is a total failure. The big question is whether Windows 9 can save Microsoft from total embarrassment. This time, if they listen to what the customers want, they just might have a chance.

Talk is that Microsoft is going to implement the customer interface to look more like the Windows we all have grown to know and love. This should help to put Microsoft back on track and get people excited to buy a new PC instead of dreading it. So what about all the folks still on XP who do not want to upgrade to 8? Many will remain on XP and I think that Microsoft will be almost forced to release a few more patches even after the official retirement on April 8. I think that is the humane thing to do, especially since our option of Windows 8 is so horrible.

I have read stories about some executives with large computer companies trying to demonstrate how Windows 8 works on their computers. It is pretty embarrassing when the operating system freezes the very computer and OS you are trying to promote. What can they say besides its this darn Windows 8? The demonstrators even found great difficulty trying to navigate between the app screen and the desktop. It is not user friendly at all.

In order for Microsoft to be successful with Windows 9, they are going to have to make the operating system friendly for regular desktop and laptop users. This is the core of their existence and they are going to have to get it right!

For now, if you have XP and want to upgrade, get Windows 7. If your XP machine runs great, secure it with good anti-virus and practice safe online habits and hold off till Windows 9. Avoid Windows 8 at all costs since you will not be happy with it.

Article Posted by, Ross A Deprey from Computer Geeks!
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5 comments on “Will Microsoft Windows 7 Make A Temporary Comeback Yes Or No?
  1. Ross Deprey says:

    I hate window 8.. its trash! I will keep my windows 7 for life! lol

  2. Artt LaFlamme says:

    Windows 8 is brilliant if you know what you are looking at. Windows 8 is the direction of the future and as an IT professional I would be doing the industry a disservice to say otherwise. I think the real problem is that people do not like change. When we went from windows 3.1 to Windows 95 most people lost their minds over the new UI. Now we are having an issue with the exact same thing. This time we are seem to be bothered that we are losing the UI that we did not like almost 19 years ago. After that long it’s time for a change. Computers are supposed to be cutting edge. There is nothing left that is cutting edge about the old faithful popup start menu. Oh and yes as you my have seen HP and Lenovo are bringing back limited installs of Windows 7.

  3. Ross Deprey says:

    Art what about the apps in window 8.. Do you use them??

    • Artt LaFlamme says:

      Yes and most are RSS/html5 based so the actually use less system resources then Windows 7 apps do on average. I do software development for a living am my Windows 8.1 laptop runs like a champ as a test bed and dev station.

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