Windows 7 Style Start Menu – Will Be Soon Available On Windows 8!

Windows 8 has become the operating system that we all just love to hate. Microsoft windows-start-menusimply made the huge mistake of trying to combine a mobile platform with a PC platform.

For some time, users were all flocking to buy tablets. What we are seeing is that these same folks are finding out that a tablet simply cannot replace a full-bodied computer system. Folks are starting to go back to the traditional laptop or desktop PC so they have the power to do everything that they want.


With more people flocking to traditional PC’s and with XP support stopping in just a few days, folks are going to be purchasing new computers over the coming months. In order attract more of users that are hanging on to XP, Microsoft is going to bring back the traditional Start menu to Windows 8. In addition, Microsoft also stated that soon you would be able to start the modern apps from the start menu as well.


This is certainly good news for those of you that hate Windows 8. The update will be offered as an upgrade directly through the software but it is unknown when the update will be available. I still find it difficult to believe it took all this time for Microsoft to finally acknowledge that they made a mistake in trying to combine the mobile and the desktop platform together.


Folks have been outraged that Microsoft made such drastic navigation changes with the release of Windows 8. It has left a really bad taste in the mouths of many users. There are some who actually do like the new user interface but they are far and few in between.


The whole issue with eliminating the start menu was actually a huge miscalculation from Microsoft. They really felt that touch screen devices were going to overpower the conventional mouse and keyboard devices by a long shot. As I mentioned earlier, that transformation never happened and the gamble that Microsoft took simply did not work out.


We are all hoping that with the release of the new updated Windows 8 that Microsoft holds true to their promise and Windows 9 is not another OS where Microsoft tries to push things down our throats that we do not want. It seems that as of late, the operating systems are being changed every couple of years. When they have something great like Windows 7, they should of just left well enough alone. There would have been a lot of happier folks out there now. Look at XP, it has been around for years and years and people still love it, even if it is going to be not supported.


If you do not want to wait to get a Start menu on your Windows 8 operating system, you can install Classic Shell for free. This easy to install tool not only allows a customizable start menu but it also allows your computer to boot directly to the Desktop of your computer. Now if only Microsoft would install an option to completely disable the modern side of the operating system. The OS would run faster and snappier and we would have a reasonably compatible program to Windows 7!

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